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It isn’t easy being a growth company, particularly if you operate in the medical cannabis, health and wellness space; amongst other barriers, you may be subject to numerous regulatory hurdles.

How we overcome these challenges

Having analysed a plethora of companies and invested in those we have seen real opportunity in since 2015, we have a track record of providing ongoing financial support and advice to our investee companies, helping them to maximise their potential by identifying opportunities and risks, overcome challenges and provide them with a clear path to success.
Our established team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in capital markets, licensing arrangements, establishing supply chains, compliance (including PoCA 2002), as well as the processing and distribution of medical cannabis and related products.

Furthermore, we have an extensive network of entrepreneurs, investors, media, industry experts and key opinion leaders across various sectors including the medical cannabis ecosystem, with whom we can connect our portfolio companies with.

SEED continuously explores potential new investments; if you would like to talk to us, please contact us.

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