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SEED believes that attractive investment returns can be generated from investing in emergence of global health trends.

With our investment focus increasingly leaning towards capitalising on our knowledge in the cannabinoid wellness and medical cannabis arenas.

We are dedicated to the success of each of our portfolio companies and believe that their products and/or services will be transformative to many lives. As the only AIM quoted investor with direct exposure to pharmaceutical and medical cannabis, we continue to demonstrate our expertise in the sector, notably with two of our portfolio assets selling for a combined value of over $1bn.

We are focused on investing in a balance of early-stage opportunities that have an upcoming investment catalyst, and more mature investments that offer liquidity in the near term. With many high growth start-ups staying private longer, access to such companies has been out of reach of the private investor; SEED is uniquely positioned to eliminate these barriers and provide access to potential high return opportunities. Our goal is to level the playing field for the investor and see investment opportunities reserved for the ultra high net worth in the hands of small, medium, and large private investors alike.

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