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SEED invests in innovative life sciences and technology companies which are often inaccessible for direct investment by the average investor.

We believe our investments can both generate attractive returns and have a positive effect on the world in which we live.

We invest in emerging companies with business models seeking solutions to real problems that affect human health & wellbeing.

We are dedicated to the success of each of our portfolio companies and believe that their products and/or services will be transformative to many lives.  As an early investor in medical cannabis, SEED demonstrated a positive track record of successful investments and exits in this sector.  Other investments have been involved in the development of novel treatments for certain diseases and, more recently, alternative production of palm oil equivalents by precision fermentation (with an ambition of scalable production without the ecological damage caused by deforestation).  

We are focused on investing in a balance of early-stage opportunities that have an upcoming investment catalyst, and more mature investments that offer liquidity in the near term. With many high growth start-ups staying private longer, access to such companies has been out of reach of the private investor; SEED is uniquely positioned to eliminate these barriers and provide access to potential high return opportunities. Our goal is to level the playing field for the investor and see investment opportunities reserved for the ultra high net worth in the hands of small, medium, and large private investors alike.

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